30 Seconds Spent Better: Resume Visualization

One of the first things job-seekers will hear is that a recruiter is only going to spend about 30 seconds reading your resume. This seems overstated. With the average job posting getting dozens of applicants, you need to communicate your background effectively. It’s difficult to process decades of achievement in under a minute, especially when […]

The Unified Theory of Analysts

When looking for my first full-time job, I knew I wanted to be an “analyst.”  But there were so many analyst titles – financial business, and systems, to name a few.  How are they all alike and different?  I couldn’t tell. Having worked in various analyst roles for the past three years, I can make […]

Long Tail vs. Golden Arches

Subscribe to the newsletter for more Excel tips and tricks. Plus, your free ebook! I read Seth Godin’s We Are All Weird this afternoon.  Highly recommended — in fewer than 100 pages, Seth covers how the end of mass marketing affects business, politics, education, and more. We can see these ideas at work in the McDonald’s vs. […]

Excel, Big Data, and Google Trends: What’s Going On?

Trends is a lesser-known Google tool that allows you to follow search interest of a particular topic.  Here’s an unscientific but interesting trend I noticed tonight. As an analyst, I live in Microsoft Excel, and to a lesser extent, Access.  I also hear “big data” a lot.  To me, Excel is the Model T to […]

Filter Multiple Pivot Tables with One Slicer

Note: This is my first Excel post! I have improved since then, both in my blogging and Excel skills. I’ve made some modifications to the post, but the first paragraph remains for sentiment’s sake.  Allow me to explore a new writing topic — Excel!  This is my most-used tool at work, and I have acquired lots […]