From Chaucer to Clusters: Data Analytics for Liberal Arts Grads

You’ve heard about “big data,” “data analytics,” and related fields (buzzwords?). Maybe you’ve thought about how to make a career out of it. One obstacle — you’ve spent college reading Chaucer, not running regressions. You may think the only route now is a fancy graduate degree right out of school or a lengthy, unpaid internship. This […]

BI: Errors Wanted

If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.  — Reid Hoffman I recently finished Bold by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. The book is part economic treatise and part playbook for entrepreneurs.  Diamandis and Kotler argue that we entering an “exponential economy,” where business becomes demonetized, democratized, and rapidly […]

Poke the Box – and Count Beans, Too

  I never took a marketing class in college.  But I found a better substitute — read every Seth Godin book.  I’ve only got a few left, and I have learned a huge amount. My latest Godin read: Poke the Box. In this short, blog-posty book, Seth challenges us not to wait for permission, to create, […]

Algorithm on Board

Working in healthcare, labor scheduling is a critical part of data analysis. It’s important to meet demand while not scheduling unneccessary shifts.  When framing these problems, I look for inspiration to the grand-daddy of logistics: UPS. They’re close to solving one of the toughest problems in all of operations: the travelling salesman problem. Your GPS may make […]

Unleash Your Data…Get it off the Black Market

Become a sought-after analyst. Subscribe for your free ebook, “The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Hired with Excel.” Here’s a thought-provoking in Forbes on what analysts need from IT. It’s too accusatory toward IT but reflects a very serious problem in business. So how do analysts relate to IT? There’s no separating IT problems from business problems. Almost everything an analyst […]