Labor Day: A Qualified Celebration


Labor Day is one of the less inspiring national holidays to me.  Isn’t labor an everyday part of life for everyone?  The idea of giving workers a day off from the evils of management sets up a false class distinction that the free enterprise system in America is designed to reduce or even eliminate.

Regardless, working Americans have it tough these days, and they deserve a day off.  It’s not two weeks on Martha’s Vineyard, but most American workers have too much of a sense of duty to family, friends, and coworkers to take more than a vacation day or two during the year.  

In honor of all those Americans who put in their best at the workplace every day, here is Alabama’s “Fourty Hour Week.”  While it would be easy to dismiss the song’s themes of “thanking” an employee for working (Didn’t he do it on his own free will at a wage rate he agreed to?  What’s to thank about that?), with a growing culture of dependence on government in America, it is worthwhile to celebrate those who expect nothing and give their all every day.

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